The 1st Car Digital Marketing System for your Store.

Keep your Facebook Guests

When facebook users visit your page they need an easy way to find out the info they are looking for. With our facebook app and modules like search, auto/moto previews and direct car or company contact you gain the ability to keep them longer and increase their interaction with your page.

automoto facebook application

Website / CMS

Beautifull ready made websites, tailored for car traders are ready to impress your customers and increase loyalty to your future visitors. Our cms give the possibility to create a unique website from our existing templates without any programming required. Drag n drop and Component oriented patent builder makes creation of a website a breeze...

website/cms tailored for car dealers


One admin to rule them all. With our advanced contacts/mta and calendar modules you dont have to download any extra software or use different dashboards to manage your customers and keep in contact with them. And you know... this is one for free.

contacts/mta and calendar module for free

Surveys and DataTemplates

You need to make questions if you want to find answers. How do you know what your customers think if you dont ask them. Surveys come in to play. Our FormBuilder with the Report designer will help analyze your results. And something extra. First time ever our Surveys can connect with your website pages...

formbuilder, reports and data templates

Car Facebook Application

Did you know that only a 2% of your fans see your posts? Your vehicle posts are getting lost. Keep them in one place with our Dealer Inventory application. Customize it with your icon, receive contact and comments...

Website / CMS

Your website makes you unique. Gives more branding to your online business. Visitors except to find your business online...

Contacts/Mail Agent/Calendar

You don't need a different software anymore to manage your customers. Keep in contact with them or remember your important appointments and events...

Surveys, Reports n Data Templates

In order to sell you need to know what your customer want and need. Ask them in a very simple and effective way using our Survey and Report Builder...


Facebook, Website, Portal, Mobile... and the list goes on. Which does it perform better? Find out with our Performance/Analytics tool? Prefer Google Analytics, its easy to install it in any of the pages...

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